WordPress Hosting

WordPress HostingWhat to look for in WordPress Hosting

A Solid State Drive will deliver content over 10 times faster than HDD.  If you have not experienced this on your PC you gotta give it a try.

Google SEO requires an SSL certificate. There is no performance impact for adding this kind of Security. There are lots of solutions, but I like using cPanel AUTOSSL with Commodo or Easy SSL. This should not be a costly addition to your website security.
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Website security and performance

WordPress SecurityBe faster and more secure than your competition.

 First of all. establishing multiple layers of security is part of the build process for a WordPress site.  Mitigating risk requires ongoing monitoring of alerts and a good backup/recovery scheme.   Good performance is an ongoing effort which improves the user experience.  To be sure, no one wants to spend time on a slow website.
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