WordPress Theme Selection

WordPress Theme Selection
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WordPress Theme Selection Outline

  • Use a default WordPress Theme
    • The TwentySeventeen theme is a good looking theme.
    • The TwentyEighteen is coming soon.
    • Default themes from the WordPress development team have good support and an active comnunity of users.
    • Plugin compatability is assured. All plugins must work on the current default wordpress theme; this removes the theme contention with plugin issues. Surely, there can still be conflicts between plugins and
      need to be familiar with how to determine such conflicts using a process of elimination.
    • Ensures that the latest WordPress features are being used. The default themes are designed to show off
      wordpress enhancements, eg. Gutenberg.
    • It just makes sense to start with a free theme that you know will not fall off the earth.
    • There should be alot of user experience to draw from when you move to the latest defauld theme.

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Website security and performance

WordPress SecurityBe faster and more secure than your competition.

 First of all. establishing multiple layers of security is part of the build process for a WordPress site.  Mitigating risk requires ongoing monitoring of alerts and a good backup/recovery scheme.   Good performance is an ongoing effort which improves the user experience.  To be sure, no one wants to spend time on a slow website.
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