Contact a Project Manager and Website Designer.

Learn how website designer can  help take your internet marketing ideas from server hosting to sales.

Project Manager and Website Designer
Hire a certified Project Manager and trained WordPress website designer and developer to work with you and your team.  Due to my experience with large corporate projects, I am ready to do what takes deliver what you need.

So take your Internet marketing ideas from start to sales.

Furthermore, my current passion is to develop local business websites.  Develop a local internet presence using My Google Business  in addition to a  fast performing WordPress website.

Project Management, Website Security, Backups, SEO and Performance

  • WordPress themes, plugins, graphics, mobile themes, My Google Business
  • Site Performance with Firewall Security and Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Promote Google My Local Business SEO
  • Organic Content Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, WP Touch, Gravity Forms
  • UNIX VPS Hosting with CPANEL access with backup/restore.
  • Manage your own content  with ongoing technical support.
  • Provided tools help guide you  in making your content SEO friendly


Maybe now is time to hire an Internet Business Consultant, with over 20 years of IT experience.  I am focused on internet marketing of small businesses by providing Website Services including design, development and SEO.

Furthermore, with you the customer in mind, I provide a full range of services. These include UNIX hosting, domain name, DNS services, email, custom website design including graphics, graphic optimization, blogs, SEO and more.

So write effective SEO content focused on relevant keywords to draw customer traffic to your website which is designed to convert hits into sales.  As a result of the tools provided you will be able to turn your content on an organic SEO campaign.

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