WordPress SEO Content for Local Business.

WordPress SEOSo how do you get visitors to come to your new WordPress website?

Make the time to write up your WordPress Content  factoring in  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .

You can put a website link on your business card,  network by word of mouth, create a FaceBook page which references your website,  put the link on your bumper sticker and  use it on LinkedIn.  Why not try to use Google’s search engine?
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Forms in Emails

website designer
website designer

Recently, I have been looking into how to embed WordPress forms into emails to be sent out to Groups but without much success. In particular, I wanted to use a Gravity Form so that there would be entries recorded in the WordPress forms area which could be exported into a spreadsheet for easy tracking and analysis.

Then I took a step back and concluded that this is a bad idea. Even when I see a link included an email, security warning lights flash before my eyes. Usually the link name is displayed and not the actual link showing that SSL is used. Including a form or any executable in an email makes me even more hesitant to use it. Too many times well meaning friends send me fixes for a virus that lead to installing the virus. I have become much less trusting of email links. Even well meaning people make mistakes.

Links in eMails from a trusted source should be as transparent as possible. Just show the URL so the reader can see the website and the use of SSL. Before the link you can easily describe what the link is for and why the reader should use it, you don’t need to give it a name and hide the URL from plain site.

Gravity Forms has an extension for embedding forms into MailChimp emails. I suppose such emails would be considered a trusted source since you would have subscribed to the list of recipients.

WordPress Theme Selection

WordPress Theme Selection
Images downloaded to PC.
Keywords: WordPress Theme Selection

WordPress Theme Selection Outline

  • Use a default WordPress Theme
    • The TwentySeventeen theme is a good looking theme.
    • The TwentyEighteen is coming soon.
    • Default themes from the WordPress development team have good support and an active comnunity of users.
    • Plugin compatability is assured. All plugins must work on the current default wordpress theme; this removes the theme contention with plugin issues. Surely, there can still be conflicts between plugins and
      need to be familiar with how to determine such conflicts using a process of elimination.
    • Ensures that the latest WordPress features are being used. The default themes are designed to show off
      wordpress enhancements, eg. Gutenberg.
    • It just makes sense to start with a free theme that you know will not fall off the earth.
    • There should be alot of user experience to draw from when you move to the latest defauld theme.

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WordPress Hosting

WordPress HostingWhat to look for in WordPress Hosting

A Solid State Drive will deliver content over 10 times faster than HDD.  If you have not experienced this on your PC you gotta give it a try.

Google SEO requires an SSL certificate. There is no performance impact for adding this kind of Security. There are lots of solutions, but I like using cPanel AUTOSSL with Commodo or Easy SSL. This should not be a costly addition to your website security.
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Tools on the Web

Link Library

Search the Library


The Library by Topic:

Submit suggestions:


Chrome Inspect

Pick Your Plugins

Chrome Inspect

Using Chrome Inspect

I use Chrome as my default browser especially when working in WordPress.
>Appearances> Additional CSS> then right click and open Chrome Inspect to see the html and CSS for each element.    This is how I see what CSS is impact the look of a page.  Then I can modify the CSS with the Additional CSS window.

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Professional Website Project Management, PMP

PMP Project Management ProfessionalWhat is a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification?Professional Website Project Management, PMP

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is  internationally recognized. There are currently some 750K active PMP certified individuals worldwide.

What is a project?

A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources.
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Website security and performance

WordPress SecurityBe faster and more secure than your competition.

 First of all. establishing multiple layers of security is part of the build process for a WordPress site.  Mitigating risk requires ongoing monitoring of alerts and a good backup/recovery scheme.   Good performance is an ongoing effort which improves the user experience.  To be sure, no one wants to spend time on a slow website.
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