WordPress SEO Content for Local Business.

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WordPress SEOSo how do you get visitors to come to your new WordPress website?

Make the time to write up your WordPress Content  factoring in  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .

You can put a website link on your business card,  network by word of mouth, create a FaceBook page which references your website,  put the link on your bumper sticker and  use it on LinkedIn.  Why not try to use Google’s search engine?

There are many ways to network news about your new website, but the topic here is Google Search Engine Optimization. This effort will also help with Microsoft Bing  but the focus of your efforts must be on Google. There are a number of good guides on the Internet on the technical aspects of WordPress Search Engine Optimization. There are WordPress plugins to help you analyze and improve your content.  I have my favorite plugins.

Content is King when based on a sound keyword strategy.

Google does not publish the method used to index the content of websites. Try to look at your site content as Google will see it.  In a Chrome browser you can turn Text Mode On to view only the text on your site which is what Google will use to index what your site is about. Writing your content should be an iterative editorial process as well as constantly adding new content to let Google know your site is vital.

Be mindful of your keyword strategy for Google SEO when you write website content.   First you need to decide what keywords or key phrases describe what you site is about.  Ensure that people using these search keywords will find what they are looking for on your website. Then write about these Keywords in your website text and elaborate more about them in your blog. WordPress is a great platform to allow you to express yourself for all to see. Allow your content to draw visitors to your content.

However,  it is not easy to be confident that your content meets the  best SEO practices.   With the plugin I provide, you get feedback on how you are doing with Readability, Keyword Use and other factors.   Turn the indicators green and you have done well.   

SEO on Google is very competitive .

A nation scope is probably going to be more competitive than a local scope. Some pay AdWords to list their websites at the *top* of the search result pages.  It is still well worth the effort to create good content  designed to draw users to have a look at your content. This may help you focus on just what you want your website to be about.  Search for your Keywords competitors Google.  Refine your keywords based on your competition. Choosing keywords is important and should be based on your knowledge and experience in your topic. You may have better phrases than your competition. And yes, there are ways to determine the popularity of keywords used in Google searches.

The broader your audience the more competitive. There are a lot more people trying to sell widgets nationally than locally. Research your local competition. For a local scope you have the advantage of using Google My Business(GMB). I can help you promote the popularity of your GMB listing. Also, it may just be that you draw people to your Facebook page and website with GMB SEO.

Click Conversion

You need to consider your site’s ability to convert clicks to customers.   The site needs to look professional, load quickly and have a clear message.  You need a Call-To-Action on your home page.  This is “content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive (e.g. buy now or click here )”. What do you want the visitor to your website to do? There are many examples of a Call-to-Action of the internet, so here is just one Call-To-Action.

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