Commercial WordPress Websites

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Commercial site brandingWhat is so special about setting up a commercial website?

A commercial brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.


You want to pick a UNIX hosting company that has a solid path to grow as your commercial site takes off.   Ensure the VPS server capacity can grow to meet your needs.  Look at the dedicated server offerings to be sure they have a path you can feel comfortable.  Make use of the hosting company’s support tools to be sure they are responsive and helpful.


Buy a Sucuri  Security Pro Plan for Firewall, Monitoring and malware removal.  This will ensure you can dial back access to R/O from countries like Turkey, Russia and China.  It will allows a number of other access and security controls.  The CDN will improve performance too.  They will also provide SSL.  Their technicians will do most of the setup for you, so that is very convenient. 

Try to avoid the risk of retaining customer Personal Identifiable Information on your site.   Use something like PayPal to collect money.


Use website performance tools to keep a log of performance indicators as you develop the site to ensure you keep a quick load time around 1 Second or less.

Build your Brand into your site.

Decide what makes your your offering unique?  What identifies your brand? How will you create  trust and good will with your brand? Develop a look and logo to develop your brand.   Develop a call to action to ensure visitors know what you want them to do.  Develop a way to list your products that makes you unique.

Know your online competition.   View their Google Local Business listing.  Search Google for your products.  Learn what people are using in Google to find your products.   You are going to build your brand to stand apart with the products of choice.

Use a default WordPress theme such as TwentySeventeen.  All plugins need to work on such themes, they have no choice.   That includes your commerce plugin.  Start with a fully compatible theme.

Pick Your Plugins, view the Link Library

Build the Basic Site Elements

Contact Us form so users can email or maybe set up a chat helpline.
About Us to tell about the company and your team.
Blogs or posts to provide regular articles about your products, your industry and anything that might interest your clients.
Take your time to learn how to SEO your page and post content.  Learn how to use a plugin like Yoast to guide you in your content.

Getting Ready to Launch

Set up your Google Local Business page.   Promote it list ahead of your competition.  This is how you will invite traffic.

Be sure to have someone objectively walk through your website functionality.  Someone to think of the things you forgot or did not notice.  Someone who will look at the site like one of your clients.