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WordPress HostingWhat to look for in WordPress Hosting

A Solid State Drive will deliver content over 10 times faster than HDD.  If you have not experienced this on your PC you gotta give it a try.

Google SEO requires an SSL certificate. There is no performance impact for adding this kind of Security. There are lots of solutions, but I like using cPanel AUTOSSL with Commodo or Easy SSL. This should not be a costly addition to your website security.

WordPress sites need to use a caching plugin. There are many free alternatives. I favor Rocket which is listed in the Link Library.

Security is as important as performance.

Hosting Technical Support

I like to think I can do everything myself, but time and time again I find myself dependent upon solid WordPress Hosting technical expertise. Everything is fine, until it is not. That’s when you need good support.

When you have added or updated a plugin and things are not working you can try to isolate this yourself. With a good FTP tool you can disable all your plugins slowly add them back until the problem presents itself again. When you have are using a theme like twentyseventeen, the plugin author should be most willing to sort out your issue.